The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati now has an updated heating, ventilating and air conditioning system — a $200,000 project that was generously funded through grants, and installed by Mechanical Optimizers.

Mechanical Optimizers — a nonprofit alliance of eight local contractors — was formed in 2014 when its co-founder Jeff Wilmink realized his talents could be put to use in helping other nonprofits that lack funds and expertise in properly maintaining their facilities.

“Mechanical Optimizers is committed to giving back because there is a huge need to help social service and nonprofit organizations,” Wilmink says. “We focus on putting together a long-term mechanical plan, then help fund and execute that plan.”

Because of its execution of the new HVAC system, Mechanical Optimizers saved the Interfaith Hospitality Network about 35 percent of its annual heating and cooling expenses, according to MerryBeth McKee, director of operations at Interfaith.

“In some rooms, the system functioned poorly, or not at all,” McKee says. “We spent a little over $81,000 to stay on top of maintenance and repairs over the last five years. It was a short-term solution that would have continued to be costly and potentially disruptive to services.” 

Do Good: 

  • Support organizations like the Interfaith Hospitality Center, which provides emergency shelter to families in need.
  • If you're a nonprofit in need of services, contact Mechanical Optimizers. 
  • If you'd like to support Mechanical Optimizers as a sponsor, or perhaps join its team of contractors, contact the organization.